Asterisk really ready for the prime time?

Would you like to bet your job on Asterisk ?

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I would like to receive feedback from users that as replaced PBX like nortel and/or panasonic , I installed myself 2 complete asterisk system to replace pana one and let me tell you that more I read on different blog and forums more I discovered that Asterisk are a great tools for toys or IT dept , but not for a business that depend on it . After reading and reading I found that I’m not the only one with disconnect , hiss , echo problems or hard lock of server , also I discovered that Asterisk as probably the worst SIP implementation ever ( enough for some developpers to stop their contribution , look for chan_skinny , the guys stop helping Asterisk because of poor SIP implementation , google with “why asterisk sucks” and you’ll see what I’m talking about ) even Snom say it in the wiki , so if you plan to replace a system like nortel and pana with Asterisk be prepare to have alot of headache and problems . I would like to hear comments from person that have installed Asterisk in a Production Business in SIP Mode with 15000 to 20000 in a month . Yes its fun to play with it but if you want to sleep at night look somewere else , and if you really want to keep your job NEVER put this into production without a minimum of 6 month of extensive testing and be prepare to hire a full time IT to become a human watchdog .

Sounds to me that you don’t know how to configure Asterisk correctly. I have several hundred seats of mostly IP phones and some VoIP channel banks spread across multiple customers/contexts in an ITSP environment and it works very well. This is not to say that we don’t have issues, but they are usually correctable and I find that the problem is usually of my own doing.

Your google comment is laughable - you can run a google search on “why Jesus sucks” and get many more hits - what’s the point? There are plenty of people around who just like to complain - you sound like one of them.

Next time you post a hit job, try to be a little more refined.

I bet my job on Asterisk every day and have done many many configurations of Asterisk replacing other systems.

Oups , important question , are you using Open Source or Business Version ? … ks-for-sip

this guy write chan_sccp and chan_bluetooth so I think that he is not in his beginning with Asterisk

Read correctly I write “for SIP” I used myself IAX2 trunk for my business but the problem is that grade commercial phone with IAX2 doesn’t exist yet ( like poly601 with BLF or snom 360 with BLF )

works for me. We take several 000’s of calls a month and as a telecoms service co, can’t afford for the phones not to work. Asterisk has been GREAT really flexible, dead easy to change and loads of fucntionality that you pay big $$$ tickets to do on Nortal/Panasonic or whatever.

Since the upgrade to rel 1.2.8 (IIRC) its been utlra stable and been up continuously for over 150 days. We’re using the opensource version.

Asterisk appear to be good for telco provider because you didn’t have to deal with the function that customers lost from their “closed” pbx , like BLA/SLA or RingBack .

My customer : Why I can’t put a call on hold on one phone and pick it up on another phone?(BLA/SLA) , I think that this question was the most ask of any time.

I know you can park it .

The ring story , customer want to have a different ring for external/internal calls so we did a ring group for incoming calls with _ALERT_INFO . This is useless with Blind transfer and parking , if you blind transfer , _ALERT_INFO is the same so you can’t identify if the call come from external or internal , samething with park , if you park a call and the call come back you can’t identify if is an new or an old call . Some of this problems could be solved by multiple SIP registration but Asterisk doesn’t support it.

How did you deal with that ? I read and read forums and all peoples have this problems , so your customers accept to lost the most basic function just to use Asterisk , also why poster say that asterisk is stable when everyone know that version 1.2.5 as introduce a big memory leak problem , and zaptel 1.2.8 introduce echo problems? . So you past everyday at you customer’s site to update it ? or you tried to find the “magical” combination of which asterisk,zaptel,kernel version to use ?