Asterisk real numbers!

Please somebody let me know how to setup asteruisk to work with real numbers

so, not like one fxo and private fxs but like every customers will have real number for outside world( like ordinary telephone)
(with voip phone but when he call somebody to outside world to represent with own number)

i can get real numbers from institution here which is in carge to giving phone numbers
ex. from 100 to 150 numbers
thanks in advance


FXO would only be needed if you where to be attaching to the PSTN. FXS if you wanted to attach to an analog telephone.

If you can get phone numbers from an institution then the question is, how must you connect to them for those numbers to work?

If your just trying to provide a phone service to customers then all you would probably need is an internet connection and then use something like SIP Trunking. Check out a provider like FlowRoute

Ok mazzic


situation about fxo and fxs is perfectly clear and tested in many situation.

sip trunking is something that i never setup so my question is this link is good enough for that? … setup.html