Asterisk Randomly Unregistered

Hello ,
i am new in asterisk , i have installed 13.24 version of asterisk, its in Public IP , my issue is randomly some time extensions get unregistered , can someone quide.

Firstly please update to a supported version. Secondly make sure that you are using chan_pjsip, and not chan_sip. If that doesn’t work, please provide verbose level 5 logging, with “pjsip set logger on” enabled.

PS extension are things in extension.conf, so cannot register.

@david551 what is the supported version ? . I did not get that , and why we need to restrict to chan_PJSIP .

A supported version is a version for which any bugs found will be considered for fixing. Specifically, one of those listed in All Asterisk Versions ⋆ Asterisk except for the certified versions, which are only supported as part of a paid service contract with Sangoma.

A more complete, historic, list can be found at Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki in which you will see that Asterisk 13 reached end of life in October last year, and will not now receive even security related fixes.

The reason you should use chan_pjsip is that chan_sip is officially deprecated. It is not supported by Sangoma, and support from the open source community has been lacking. The October 2023 version of Asterisk will not contain chan_sip.

@david551 can u please refer release version which is most stable release so i can install that version , thanks

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