Asterisk Radius Supported?

hi guys,
could you please help me , if this asterisk support Radius ,
I am looking for a softswitch to support external routing , so I can decide the routing under a custom criteria ,
I need asterisk to send routing request to AAA (Radius) and the radius respond and decide the routing list for each call

I am using mera I right now and its working perfect on this but mera cost a lot for my customer , this is why I am looking for an alternative one

is this supported or not , and if it is not , pleas refer to me which softswitch can do this


There doesn’t appear to be any native support. You could always implement a Radius client as an AGI script. According to Google, most of the interest has been for authentication only. There is only one other open source softswitch, freeswitch. That doesn’t appear to have any native support, although there appears to be a third party module that does authentication and routing.

I don’t know if CUCM is available on a software only basis or whether it supports Radius routing.

Are you sure you don’t want a SIP proxy, rather than a full PABX?

One other thought, is there a Unix ODBC driver for Radius?