Asterisk Queue Positions

I have a problem with Asterisk Queues and multiple callers waiting.

Position 1 caller routes between the agent, 3 failed to answer and 4 answer. However position 2 call had to wait until caller 1 was answered before caller 2 even attempted to connect to an agent.

Can anything be done to process the waiting callers faster?


Could you please provide a longer description and possibly some logging.

In particular, what do you mean by “position” and “routes”?

In case you are not aware, calls look for agents, once a second, but they will not do so whilst a voice announcement is playing.

Configuration would also be useful, as autofill can change the behavior.

Thank you. The autofill behavior was what I was looking for, it resolved the problem.


Caller in position 2 now routes to other agents available in the queue while caller 1 hunts between the other agents…

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