Asterisk Queue on Freepbx

Hi all…
I have in an Asterisk pbx a service that call external number via queues…Queues are mapped as an exten on (same Lan) FreePBX server…Then FreePBX with misc destination use outgoing trunk…
I want to be able for the callee to enter digits to activate dialplan on Asterisk…

Caller —> Freepbx ----> Asterisk----> Queues mapped as Exten on Freepbx----> outgoing trunk on Freepbx----> Calle

is that possible ?


You are using extension in a FreePBX sense, not an Asterisk one.

You would need to ask the FreePBX people to verify this, but, as long as they avoid FreePBX feature codes, I would imagine that the DTMF would get passed through and could be handled by features.conf on the non-FreePBX Asterisk.

Not so clear about your case, but you can write your own dialplan to run each step as you need.

You can write dialplan in file extensions.conf (asterisk) or extensions_custom.conf (freepbx)

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