Asterisk + Proprietary Hardware for Server

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I am very new to Asterisk. So please excuse me for my Novice talk if it looks like one. :smile:
There are many manufacturers like PANASONIC, AVAYA, CISCO, SIEMENS, MATRIXCOMSEC, NEC, etc available who have their own solutions for PBX and also supports scalability and diversity in terms of different interfaces like ISDN(PRI,BRI); VoIP; GSM; FXS; FXO; Radio ; E&M; Magneto; Fibre PRI, etc. They have invested heavily in developing the software. :unamused: :unamused:
:bulb: :bulb: Now the question that strikes me is why can’t they use Asterisk as their base software and use their boxes with Asterisk. This way they will get the benefit of Asterisk capabilities and also their own HW with all the possible interfaces will be available to users. 8) 8) :exclamation: :exclamation:
Asterisk in a way of solution is more of a soft-switch and not much interfaces are there. Yes i agree it do support ISDN,FXS,FXO and may be GSM but again the scalability quotient is not that impressive. :smiling_imp: Generally people buy another VoIP-Gateway for their required Interface. :mrgreen:
Can somebody please comment on this? :smile: Also, what can be the reasons stopping these manufacturers from exploring this path ? :arrow_right: :bulb: Asterisk do has the capabilities of routing call to any interface, right? :wink: :wink: Looking forward to many interested fellas reply on this. :smile:

Hey Friends,

Come on… Let us have a brain storming session on this topic.
Let us start talking and sharing your thoughts. :smile::slight_smile:

Sounds like this is one of those rare postings that belong on Asterisk General.

I would comment that this is a bad idea. But don’t have the willpower to explain in much detail :smile:.

Asterisk is fine where it is. Other vendors are also quite happy with their solutions. Diversity is a very nice thing. Everyone can choose what is best for him. No system can fit all possible telephony scenarios. Not even Asterisk :wink: