Asterisk PJSIP endpoint status using asterisk-java jar

HI guys,

I am using Java language in my application to monitor the status of SIP peers with the help of asterisk-java jar. Previously I have used chan_sip driver, So I could able fetch the status SIP peers using SipShowPeerAction class. Now I have moved to chan_pjsip driver. I need to fetch the status of PJSIP endpoints using API not using command like “pjsip show endpoints”.

Can anyone help me to do this.

Thanks guys.


Looking at the list of actions in the wiki, I think you need to invoke the one described in

You will either have to guess the language binding, or look at he source code. It does appear to have been implemented, according to the source code:

public class PJSipShowEndpointsAction extends AbstractManagerAction implements EventGeneratingAction

You may need to iterate through the individual endpoints to get all the details.

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