Asterisk PBX Internet Connection (best practice)


I am looking to collect some thoughts around the best practice is for connecting an Asterisk box to the Internet and more importantly, TSPs. To narrow the scope a bit assume Small Business for starters.

To frame the question - In order to subscribe to TSPs you need to talk to their service over IP, and them talk to you etc, in which case you can:

  • Connect your A-PBX to your router/firewall and use NAT with DynDNS
  • Connect A-PBX to router/fw (with static DNS address) using NAT
  • Connect A-PBX directly (running as a firewall/router) using DynDNS
  • Connect A-PBX directly (running as a firewall/router) with statis DNS

But I am interested in how other people approached the situation, and how they subscribe to TSPs etc.

Anyone? - if you came here looking for the answer, why not put what you think - and perhaps it will be verified/confirmed.