Asterisk Parallel Dialing : How to avoid hangup


We have a dialplan which, upon an incoming call, calls few agents
(eg: 4 telephone numbers) on ISDN PRI.

These are called in parallel (all are dialed simultaneously using ‘Dahdi/g0/&Dahdi/g0…’).

We have a requirement to dial the same agents again if we find that none of them
have answered the call.

How do we do this?

Currently, the call gets disconnected and goes to ‘h’ extension.

We are using Dahdi ISDN PRI. No SIP.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Govinda Padaki

Check option g for Dial application.

have something like…
same =>n,Dial(Dahdi/g0/&Dahdi/g0/,g)
same =>n,Dial(Dahdi/g0/&Dahdi/g0/,g)

–Satish Barot

Dear Satish,


We tried ‘g’… An example is :


The NOANSWER condition still used to goto ‘h’ of the current context and this makes the incoming call also get disconnected.

I can PM you the snippets so that you can look into it more in detail.

Best Regards,
Govinda Padaki

Sounds like the called party is answering the call prematurely. It is difficult to handle that case as Asterisk is not good at analysing in band signalling or voice announcements.