Asterisk operator panel

Hi all…
I am faced with a strange problem…
Asterisk 13…1 pci card isdn…Outgoing and Ingoing calls no problems at all…

After installing an operator panel software on 9 PC’s, calls between extens became instable…several seconds of silence…and similar lack of sounds…

communication comes and goes…while latency and all others parameters are fine.

Do you have any advice for me to investigate or test configuration changes?

The assistance of the program sucks … I called them 5 times and they never called me back, but the customer likes the program and it has all the required features

I’m pasting manager like configuration as on installation instruction…

Secret = password
Permit= your_lan
Read =

                                    Write = 


                                    Writetimeout = 5000                                         
                                    eventfilter=!Event: RTCP*
                                    eventfilter=!Event: VarSet
                                    eventfilter=!Event: Cdr
                                    eventfilter=!Event: DTMF
                                    eventfilter=!Event: AGIExec
                                    eventfilter=!Event: ChannelUpdate
                                    eventfilter=!Event: ChallengeSent
                                    eventfilter=!Event: SuccessfulAuth
                                    eventfilter=!Event: NewAccountCode

As usual…Thanks

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