Asterisk & openvxi

I’m newbie in Asterisk & openVxi. I know that Asterisk uses openvxi as VoiceXML interpreter.Can I run openVXI standalone ?
thanks in advanced.

No you cannot run it standalone, as it requires background VOIP server like asterisk.

Thanks for answer.
It’s better that i ask my question clearer than before.
I want to have an IVR that works with all differents platform such as Astersik , CISCO and …
I compiled openVXI but it only gaved me and executable file named ValidateDoc , and It didn’t
give me another executable file. what do i have to do to have this IVR ?
I think that i have to work on openVXI.when give it a .vxml file , it must interpret it , but i don’t know how i run it .