Asterisk & Openfire For Voice/Video Conferencing

I am working on the development of an Android application (built upon Google’s Libjingle/WebRTC libraries) that is currently capable of one-on-one text, voice, video and MUC (text only) conversations. I am trying to extend the capability to include voice and video conferencing, but it seems I have hit a wall in the development with our Openfire server not seeming to be capable of such things. After getting some advice/help from Dele Olajide, who has been developing a lot of SIP plugins for Openfire, he pointed me to Asterisk 11 (since our project CANNOT use SIP, and Asterisk is WebRTC/XMPP compatible). I have spent this morning reading up on Asterisk and looking through the source code, and I am not 100% sure if this will work for what we need. More significantly, I have no clue how to go about implementing it with our Openfire server to even try and test if anything works.

Any advice/help?

Some (hopefully) useful information/summary:
Openfire V3.7.1 (Operating on an Amazon server) – Plugins: Asterisk-IM, client control, jingle nodes, monitoring service, registration, search.
Libjingle 161
WebRTC 2441
VOIP only – NO SIP

Thanks in advance,
Kyle M. Cummings

Actually for Video in WebRTC requried VS8 and Asterisk 11.0.1 does not have. This is the issue right now for the video.