Asterisk on SUN + HP + AIX + Linux + win2K + etc etc etc

I feel if we can port Asterisk in c++ and use ACE [ ] framework
it would be Portable across so many platforms and give Asterisk Development a big boost and can be developed more raplidly

Theres not really a need for this

Asterisk is written in C, already runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, the BSDs, and even Solaris (which leads me to believe it would run on AIX, HP-UX, and Unixware (The original SysV).

The Biggest holdup to acceptance of asterisk on Non-Linux platforms is not the fact that its coded in C (which works just fine btw), but the fact that there is little (read: no) hardware support for TDM interfaces (Digium or other) on these platforms that work with Asterisk

Get a TE110P working and you would see some serious interest from ${YOUR_FAVORITE_*NIX_VENDOR}

So even if the hardware supports a standard PCI bus, you’re saying that the cards won’t work?

there is nothing stopping a Digium card from working in solaris, PCI is PCI… what is stopping them from working in Solaris, and Mac OSX AIX etc is that there are no drivers for Solaris AIX OSX etc etc