Asterisk on an Atom CPU

Does anyone have experience with using Asterisk on an Intel Atom CPU? (I am specifically looking at the Atom 230 model) I’m not talking about tons of calls, 5 would deffinitly be the max, 1-2 would be normal at one time.

Have a look here:

There is an article on benchmarking the Atom processor with Asterisk from 2008-11-07.

Wonderful! I was unsure how many calls that I could expect to support with an Atom CPU, but it looks like ~30, at which point would not most DSL/Cable lines be saturated?

Here is the exact link to the article: … 9-G711.pdf

You would be very luck to get 30 calls across an average ADSL connection. For this number of calls probably better to go SDSL or something similar.