Asterisk on a Laptop

We have some friends who’s wife runs a podiatry clinic. They use a mobile phone and pen and pencil to run their call handling to book appointments etc. Whilst they were away on holiday for two weeks we dealt with the calls, but did not cope at all well. I think they need some amount of automation, a computer calander at the very least, but ideally with call handling.

  • Is it possible to run Asterick on a Laptop with a mobile phone
  • Is there any software out there for dealing with Doctors appointments or similar.


Actually thinking about it, there is not a 100% need for a Laptop. They could have a server at their house and give people vpn access whilst they are away. So the question is. Is there any doctors appointment software that would work with asterisk i.e. to capture patients phone number, date, time of call etc.