Asterisk Now Gui & Verizon Fios telephone?


I have Verizon fios telephone for 5 lines at my home. I called Digi today about buying a card for the DIY PBX I am looking to setup. The sales person said that since I had a digitial phone line coming in to my Verizon ONT that I should be able to use Asterisk now without any hardware since the ONT converts the Digital telephone line to analog & then the Digi PCI Express card converts it back to digital.

Basically he said it would work better without the card as long as Verizon supports SIP. I called tech support & they said they do support SIP, so I asked for my login credential (since I wasnt sure what to ask for) and he said he didnt have any.

So, am I asking the wrong thing to tech support? Any ideas on how to get started? Or do I just buy a card and go from digital, to analog back to digital.


They may not need credentials if they are authenticating by IP address.