Asterisk Now and Open Ports?


First, sorry for my very bad English…

I have installed AsteriskNow with VoipBuster, and i can make call, local and national, but :

I have 2 connetions (2 FAI) with 2 firewall IPCop.
In the first one, all the ports are open in Out (local -> Internet), but none In (Internet ->local) and Asterisk Now works very well.

In the second, i only open the 5060 ports (Tcp and Udp) in Out, but none In. So i can make call, i hear the tonality, but when my correspondant hang up,i can not hear my correspondant.

Is there another port i have to open ?

Thanks a lot for response.
Hello From Corsica (France)

Yes, you have to open the rtp ports used by Asterisk to send and receive the audio stream, check in the file /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf which ports are used (usually udp ports from 10000 to 20000).


Thanks a lot.

I try it tomorow.

Hello From Corsica (with beautiful beach…)