Asterisk Now 1.5.0 Beta 1 Startup

I’m new to Asterisk. Thought I would test it out with a small deployment. Installed the above referenced version with no issues. Created a couple of extensions for some soft phones just to test things out.

Can’t get the phones to register (408) hmmmm… must be me being a newbie and all. After some troubleshooting I see that asterisk is running but the machine is not listening for sip or iax. Long story short, killing asterisk and safe_asterisk and then issuing a safe_asterisk start and all is well. System is listening where it should be and phones register.

I look to see what starts safe_asterisk at boot to see if I can diagnose why it does not listen for sip traffic. I can not find it anywhere. There is nothing in any of the /etc/rc’s . I am sure I am missing something obvious. So, two questions. First does anyone know how asterisk starts in this build and second, has anyone seen this issue before where asterisk starts fine but does not listen?