Asterisk not working on a Keepalived cluster IP

Hi all,

I made an Asterisk cluster based on Keepalived. Asterisk is a cluster resource, and an extra IP is also added as cluster resource.
When I use:
in sip.conf, phones cannot register with Asterisk on the cluster IP.

Only when I put the cluster IP in sip.conf, things work:

However, when using:

netstat -pantu | grep 5060

I do see that Asterisk is listening on (UDP port 5060).

Anyone any clue on why udpbindaddr= does not work in sip.conf?



chan_sip is no longer supported, and will be removed next year. What happens with chan_pjsip?

Hey David,

I tried to implement chan_pjsip for a couple of times now and ran into problems every time. I don’t feel comfortable with it. Honestly, chan_sip is a lot more straight forward to me, that’s why I still use it and will be using it for a long time.



Then support will be hard to come by. It isnt even supported by Asterisk development. It is all user based.

Perhaps you should try Chan_PJSIP again and then we can troubleshoot that.

Maybe with the next project. It’s a pity that the choice is not there, choice being one of the advantages of open source.



You can certainly choose to use chan_sip still, even though it is being removed. The choice has consequences though which includes who will answer questions and support you.

If the consequence is no support, it is not really a choice, we are forced to change our configs. I do understand though that it is not preferable to support 2 different technologies.


There’s no guaranteed support in open source regardless of that.

“support” and “guaranteed support” are indeed 2 seperate things.


I am not sure how it is an advantage of open source. I have numerous choices when I look at commercial solutions just as there are choices of OSS. However, depending on the type of solution required commercial maybe the only viable choice because either there isnt an OSS choice or the OSS choices are poor.

Having choices is no more an advantage of OSS as it is to closed source/commercial.

I mean that there is no economical bias towards one technology or the other in open source.

Hi bcnx, i use ucarp with virtual ip and chan_sip from 10 years to now… you have to use the cluster ip in udpbindaddr otherwise the phone send packet to the cluster ip and asterisk reply with physical ip of the network card. You have no other options.
and i agree with you that every time i used pjsip i have some issue… i am waiting until it will be more stable…

Have you filed issues or tried to investigate? Unless people do this, then we don’t know if there is actually issues impacting large swaths of the community.

PJSIP itself has been in use in Switchvox, a commercial product, for countless years now and working fine there. From my experience talking to people and looking across forums, most issues are caused by configuration - generally because PJSIP adheres more to SIP standards/terms/ideas.

Hi jcolp… when i had issues with pjsip i have opened a ticket, doing investigation and so on. i also wrote a temporary patch and attached it to the ticket…

Ok! As long as you’ve done that. Too many people have said “I had issues” but didn’t actually tell anyone or seek help.

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can you add a link to it here

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