Asterisk not running ----- Unable to create H323 listener

I have installed asterisk
i also have installed drivers fo oh323 so that my h323 communication would be rather easy
i have installed openh323v1.17.1
and pwlibv1.9.0
and oh323v0.7.3

all these have been installed very well as there were no errors during their installation

But now when I am running asterisk it says------
Registered channel type ‘H323’ (The NuFone Network’s Open H.323 Channel Driver)

ERROR: Could not open H.323 listener port on 1720

Jul 26 04:07:21 ERROR[17676]: chan_h323.c:2366 load_module: Unable to create H323 listener.

Jul 26 04:07:21 WARNING[17676]: loader.c:414 __load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1

Is this bug in oh323
if it is
please help me fix it

Does H323 listener try to bind to specific end point at the time of initiation…?
PLease help
Thanks in advance

is it there??? watch the console boot up an Errors???

issue resolved
Thanks people

How did you solve the issue? I am having a similar problem.


It’s your h323.conf problem. please check bindaddr to be valid and if it’s ok
check your port . no other program should use it. at last if u load both of ooh323 and h323 this problem occures.