Asterisk not picking up calls

Freshly installed AsteriskWin32 on Windows XP SP2, Duron 1.2 Ghz, 1.2 GB RAM 80GB HDD, Agere Systems PCI softmodem, dialup internet connection, hooked on typical household phoneline with no extensions, standalone PC with no other connections. Installation was smooth sailing, asterisk working with no errors reported but… when I call the number on which my asterisk box is hooked, call goes unanswered and after few rings goes straight to voicemail unassociated with the PC in the house.
What is to be configured on asterisk so that call pickup is enabled and at least some of the many features listed on the website are activated.
AsteriskWin32 forum isn’t exactly up to date (most of the posts dated 2005) and activity there is low. I hope you don’t mind posting a question about asteriskWin32 on this forum…