Asterisk + netcat call notification

Hello everyone,

if I add the following code to extensions_additional.conf (after [ext-queues] )

I get the caller ID and name on my workstation through Netcat.
But if I add the same code to extensions_custom.conf after [ext-queues-custom],
Asterisk seems to ignore it.

Does anyone know if its possible to get the code to work if its placed in extensions_custom.conf ?
I do have include => ext-queues-custom under [ext-queues] in extensions_additional.conf.

Thanks in advance.

Your code snippet starts are priority 2. It should start at priority 1.
If there is a extension 8821 defined in extensions_additional, Asterisk will us it and not the custom as the extensions_additional.conf is read first. If you wish to overide 8821 as defined in extensions_additional.conf, you need to create the extension in extensions_override_freepbx.conf

If there is not definition of 8821 in the additional or the override files, then there should be no problem creating it in the custom file.

You may want to check the extensions_additional.conf file in the [ext-queues] context. The first line after the context definition shold be…

include => ext-queues-custom

This is auto generated by FreePBX. If it is not there, go to the extensions and re-save an existing extension, without changes, as this will trigger FreePBX to think there is a need to regenerate the files. Go ahead and ‘apply’ the changes.

thanks for your reply,
the idea is to get a different system to present the customers information when a customer dials in.

So when rick,1506 calls the customer info system automatically switches over to his data.
This should happen on every queue and trunk.

If we would put all the queues in extensions_custom.conf FreePBX would become unusable.

I guess I should put the following code in an incoming trunk conf file.

Priority should be 2 because prio one is:

And I need the callerID.

Any idea how I can achieve this keeping FreePBX usable and giving the callerID + number through Netcat?