Asterisk MySQL Realtime

We are trying to index our database in a way that provides the best level of performance when moving our dial plan into the database we are comfortable with all the other pieces of this so far (sip peers, voicemail) and confident that portion is working correctly. Has anyone done any research on what types of queries are being run as it relates to dial plan? Or does anyone know the best method to index the tables? We would like to see if anyone has any experience with the indexing of this table?

Don’t really understand what you are asking.

Do you want to quiery the dial plan from mysql or the calls?


We have reviewed this process with our db admin who has stated the following indexes should work great for MySQL realtime with extensions. Please follow these instructions:

index sippeers on name ASC
queue_table on name ASC
queue_member_table on queue_name ASC

clustered index on exten from the extensions table

Hope this helps everyone out!