Asterisk module compilation

Hi folks,

I would like to compile my own asterisk application. It compiles well when I put it in the source tree then compile the whole source tree but I do not manage to get it work when I compile it against a precompiled asterisk system.

I issues me the following error :
[Nov 20 11:56:04] WARNING[8509]: loader.c:777 inspect_module: Module ‘’ was not compiled with the same compile-time options as this version of Asterisk.
[Nov 20 11:56:04] WARNING[8509]: loader.c:778 inspect_module: Module ‘’ will not be initialized as it may cause instability.
[Nov 20 11:56:04] WARNING[8509]: loader.c:861 load_resource: Module ‘’ could not be loaded.

Can you explain me how I can do to get it working.



This needs to be on the developer list. However, I would not consider trying to compile an application outside of the full source tree.