Asterisk MixMonitor Recording FileName

Hi all

We have an Asterisk Server (1.8.10 version) with more than 4 Queues. We need to manage files of Recorded calls on incoming and outgoing conversations.
When an incoming call transferred multiple times to some extensions or queues, we want a detailed report for this call and also the transfers. we also want these information to be in audio filenames as like as following: [DateTime-CallerID-Exens-Duration-UniqeID]

how could we do this job?? has anyone no idea about it?
please help me, i can introduce the problem in more details, in case of need.

You might consider the Asterisk Channel Event Logger (CEL) interface for logging of step-by-step actions.

Changing the file name is a separate issue, although tracking the UniqueID is a good way to do keep co-ordinated with the CEL data.