Asterisk & Misterhouse on Hardy problem

Hi all,

I have recently completed a Hardy install. After following the mass of tutorials detailing the installation of Asterisk/Asterisk-Gui & Misterhouse, both were working.

I modified the machine to auto login as it won’t have a head and be in my basement. I rebooted, came back and both sites are down.

I’ve checked the system log; I don’t see anything of mention, but as I’m new to Linux it’s quite possible I overlooked something.

I tested and receive the “it works” apache page.

Has anyone experienced similar? -any chance there are perl and PHP scripts/files interferring w/one another?

Would it be best I used AsteriskNOW then added Misterhouse? -these two apps as well as some custom work to catalog media are my main uses for this machine.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated,

R Davis