Asterisk menuconfig error between "Depends on" and "Can Use"

Hi everybody.

I have a little problem compiling asterisk for openwrt using dahdi.To be really simple, it seems to be a dependency problem:

In my default compilation configuration, the chan_dahdi entry report this:

Depends on: dahdi(E), tonezone(E), res_smdi(M), pri(E), ss7(E), openr2(E) Can use: N/A

Which is a bit strange because in the menuselect-tree file, i have this:

<member name="chan_dahdi" displayname="DAHDI Telephony" remove_on_change="channels/chan_dahdi.o channels/"> <use>res_smdi</use> <depend>dahdi</depend> <depend>tonezone</depend> <use>pri</use> <use>ss7</use> <use>openr2</use> </member>

And if i test on another freshly installed debian (updated source.list with same as original and upgraded) The dependency problem went away.

What can cause such errors? Why in one debian ‘use’ seems to forced as “dependency” and not in another?

The only difference is the age of the original install of these systems.

Thanks for your help.

I have also seen this problems after upgrading my fedora14 to a fedora15 installation.

So I built a new/fresh fedora 15 on another disk, and still had the same problem; had to buy another disk and go back to a new fedora 14 build which is ok.

Am therefore assuming that, for me, it’s the new gcc 4.6 (in fedora 15) which is causing the problem, with dependencies and header libraries.

I am hoping someone picks this issue up soon; i will try and raise an asterisk Issue, but without providing all the details in the issue, I find that asterisk/digium managers won’t progress the problem.

I did try and cheat, by removing the ‘can use’ items from the ‘tree’ and chan_dahdi then did build, but failed to load when starting asterisk with the an error about and undefined variable for ‘pri’. As all this info is held on another disk, it’s some work to get all this ‘facts’ together.

I haven’t had the time, as i’ve been unwell, and not been in a position to investigate this further.