Asterisk Manager API

Where can I find thorough documentation on the Asterisk Manager API? … anager+API

or look at the source code in /usr/scr/asterisk/manager.c


Thanks, I have already been using the wiki site and I find the documentation pretty useless. It lists the commands with a few examples but I am looking for something more thorough. I checked the Asterisk website and I couldn’t find anything. Does better dcumentation exist?

The manager interface has changed quite a bit in the last few months. What specifically are you looking to do with it?

The best documentation I’ve found for the manager API is the asterisk source code.

Should I be looking at the Asterisk Beta 3 source code? I don’t want to install Asterisk Beta 3, since it will wipe out my hard drive and install Linux. Where is a safe place to download the source code?

Asterisk beta 3? there is no such thing, are you referring to Asterisk@home?

downloading the asterisk source code is easy and non-descructive, just go to and download one of the releases(on the right side of the main page) right to your workstation harddrive and decompress it into a folder. Then you can go into the folders and look at all of the source code with any text editor you like.

Should I be looking at beta version 1.2.0? How much has the manager API changed?

What command can I use to list every extension connected to Asterisk?

Also, I downloaded the tar file but I was unable to unzip it with WinZip because there was an error reading the header.

Any advice? Thanks!

Asterisk 1.2 beta 1 would be a good place to start. It has a lot of manager API changes over the 1.0 tree.

in the manager you would send:

Action: Command
Command: Show Channels concise

To get the colon-delimited listing of all channels and their connecting exten or channel.

I always use WinRAR on windows to unzip .tar.gz files, but if there are header problems you may need to download again because it may not have finished downloading completely.

Downloading the file again did not fix the problem. Also, the command Action: Command
Command: Show Channels concise
Response: Error
Message: Invalid/unknown command
from both versions of Asterisk.

It seems that
Action: Command
returns the same error unless I only type
Action: Command
then I get
Response: Follows
Privilege: Command

This is just not my day.

Do you have permissions in the manager.conf file to be sending commands?

Here is exactly what we send to our Asterisk 1.2b1 servers to get channel listings:

“Action: Command\nCommand: show channels concise\n\n”

the \n are returns

It has worked for us for quite a while, but using concise will only work in the Asterisk 1.2 tree. For the 1.0 tree just remove the word “concise”

All commands sent to Asterisk Manager have “\r\n\r\n” appended to them. Does Asterisk treat this differently than “\n\n”?

Looking in the manager.conf file, how/where do I set the permissions for a manager to send commands?

I used WinRAR and was able to open the beta code. Which files would be best to look into to get a better idea of the commands I can interface with?

Thanks so much for your help!

I think that asterisk API treats them the same \r\n and \n

For manager permissions take a look at the manager.conf.sample file. I think you need at least command in the read and write fields for your login

/asterisk/manager.c is the first file that you should look at. it has a lot of the manager functions in it, but there are a few scattered throughout a lot of the other code, I know of at least one more in res_features.c