Asterisk makefile goes into infinite loop

When I try to build asterisk, the make file seems to loop endlessly between the ‘include/asterisk/version.h’ section and the ‘.depend’ section. I can’t even do ‘make clean’ because it seems to ignore my target and enters the same loop.

I’m using the default Makefile from the current head revision. I was able to build zaptel, libpri, and all of the asterisk subprojects with no problems. I’m using GNU Make 3.80.

I have the same problem, also with GNU make 3.80 (on Ubuntu 5.04).

Good news–I made a new folder and downloaded completely new sources and it builds fine for me. Now to figure out if someone fixed something in Makefile or if there’s something in my existing sources that is messing it up :smile: In the meantime, I recommend you give it a shot sterwill.

if you remove the .depend file and make again it should work.


[quote=“mogorman”]if you remove the .depend file and make again it should work.

Worked perfectly, thanks very much Matt. I just knew this was a noob question :smile:

Can anybody give me some details about the solution? I erased the .depend file, it still did not work.