Asterisk Lync Integration

Hey there.

I am in a bit of a trouble here. Trouble that will make me go crazy in a week or so. And sorry if this thread is at wrong subforum.

Basically, i have to integrate existing Asterisk ( working internally between analog phones, as users can call other users via phone ), and Lync server which has extensions set up.

I am constantly getting error 401 when calling external numbers ( normalized by Lync, and i tried both e164, and non e164 normalization ). User ID ( Active Direcory ID ) is shown while calling external numbers, but in the end i get error 401.

While calling internal extensions ( 3 numbers ) and full internal extenension ( 7 numbers ) i am getting error 404.

Now, i tested ports 5060, and ports are open on both sides. Normalization rules on Asterisk and Skype look good to me ( i can provide both sip.conf, extensions.conf and Lync setup ), they seem to communicate together and there isnt any NAT between them.

What i am trying to achieve here is possibility of calling local phone numbers through Skype clients, and vice versa.

Thank You in advance.

401 is not an error. It is simply telling you how to authenticate with the peer.

Of course, if you don’t know any password to use with the peer, you will be stuck at that point.