Asterisk License for soft Phone

Hi Team,

What licensing do will required to purchase if we have use desk phone and soft phone which will be install on pcs or on mobile?

Do we require license for softphone?

You will require licences for all the software. You may also need patent licences for the hardware. As an exception, if you live in the USA, software created by US Federal government bodies does not need licences, although software created for them, still does. No other software you are likely to use will be old enough to have lapsed into the public domain. Licences for the BIOS, etc., are likely to be included in the price of the hardware.

Asterisk software licences are free of charge, and, if you use CentOS as the operating system the licence for that is also free of charge. In both cases, the licensing is very liberal, but does have restrictions. Some softphones have free of charge licences. Sometimes those licences are quite restrictive. Possibly the most popular soft phone has a free of charge but restrictive licence. I think there are some that are free with less restrictive licences. Paying for the licence is likely to result in a more capable soft phone, e.g. the free but restrictive phone can’t do SIP transfers, but the same company sells licences for a soft phone that does do them.

There are some add ons to Asterisk (e.g. some codecs and fax support) which are chargeable and/or have more restrictive licences.