Asterisk IVR configuration + Speech Recognition

Hi there IT-fellows,

I am having a hard time configuring Trixbox (asterisk) to do the following job, related to inventory control:

Some users are going to call a Voip-line and they should be able to record some messages via an IVR. Later, it will be integrated with a speech recognition system to make the whole process automatic.

The menus should be like:

1st menu) Greeting: press “1” for system info; press “2” to start entering data

“1” -> give users system information

“2” -> let user go to the 2nd menu

2nd menu) Here the users will be able to enter data which contains, for each entry, two pieces of information. The first will describe what it is, the second will describe the quantity.

Example: "mineral water ; “five”

“Marlboro lights”; “ten”

“Times magazine”; twenty one"

And so on. i.e. users should be able to enter many of these data when they enter the second menu. To separate the infos, I am thinking about the following IVR message:

Say the product, then press *, then say the quantity, then press # for another product.

Could anybody help me with that? I know it should not be very difficult but since I am totally new to asterisk and linux, I am simply stuck.

First of all I should have a Trunk connected with an incoming route and than an extension to manage this IVR right? I am thinking about using the simple sound file recording menu like this … rding+menu

But anyway, I simply cannot figure out the way.

I would appreciate any help a LOT

Thank you guys

for the record you could do-

exten => s,1,Background(instructions) ; plays instruction to user
exten => s,2,SetVar(stamp=${DATETIME}) ; sets current date and time to a variable 'stamp’
exten => s,3,Record(${STAMP}-${CALLERID}-item:gsm) ; records something as file name datetime-theirnumber-item.gsm
exten => s,4,Playback(beep)
exten => s,3,Record(${STAMP}-${CALLERID}-qty:gsm) ; same idea

exten => 2,1,Goto(s,2) ; if they press 2 they do it again

this should give you a general idea. You can also use Input() I think it is to have them enter a quantity via DTMF. If you do that first you could save the quantity to a variable and put it in the file name, ie datetime-theirnumber-qty4.gsm (for 4 quantity)…

Hope that helps!