Asterisk integration with IBM Websphere Voice Server 5.1.2

Hello everybody,

It is posible to connect Asterisk and is IVR functionality with a ASR/TTS platform from IBM [color=darkred](Websphere Voice Server 5.1.2 under VoiceXML 2.0 standard with Linux)[/color]

I am evaluating the posible use of asterisk. If any one can help me or have expereience in this field, contact me thought messenger [color=green][/color]. I need a lot of help!!

Dario :wink:

[color=red][size=150]PD: Don’t want to pay $25.000 dolars for a Genesys o Avaya system.[/size] [/color]

It is you again…

i6net have integrated the TTS in his VoiceXML interpreter (with the best solution for spanish language).

For more information contact :

i6net team