Asterisk Integration with Apptivo CRM

Help? I am using Apptivo CRM and see there is an integration tool with Asterisk to make/log calls and SMS. Apptivo require that I provide a host name, username and password. How do I obtain that information via an Asterisk account? Thanks so much for any feedback.

I’m unfamiliar with the product.

If they need a SIP account you would get the username and password from one of your endpoint definitions.

If they need a Manager account you would get the username and password from manager.conf

Based on this link it is a valid Asterisk manager account, that how 99 % of CRM do the Asterisk integration

Thank you for your input. I don’t know coding. I am simply trying to set up a feature to place and receive calls online through my CRM on my desktop and mobile device. Apptivo allows the Asterisk integration but it is requesting a username, password and host name from Asterisk. I don’t see where in my Asterisk account that I can create such a profile. Can you help me with this setup? Thanks much

Thank you John for your input. The Apptivo CRM is requesting the username, password and hostname to integrate Asterisk. I don’t know if I have to do anything else to set up the feature to be able to place and receive calls through the CRM app. I did come across information that a sip may be needed and that Sipgate One would be an ideal affordable option. I am not a coder and everything I am reading is beyond my comprehension presently. My first step to unraveling this mystery is to determine how to create/obtain an Asterisk host name, user name and password so I can plug into my Apptivo CRM to see what it does and if anything else is required to get this calling feature integrated. Thanks

If you don’t know the host, you are lost, as you don’t know on which machine Asterisk is running, so can’t get to it for the next step.

On that machine, you edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf to add the user Id, password, and permissions that your CRM requires. Read permissions control events that can be received, and write one requests that can be made. Some of the write permissions allow you to run arbitrary programs as the system user that is running Asterisk, which is often the system account (root), so should not be given unnecessarily.

It sounds like you probably need a systems integrator to help you.

Asterisk is a telephony toolkit, not a ready-built PBX, If you do not already have an asterisk installation that is providing you with phone service creating a system from scratch to interface with your CRM is going to be a huge task for a non programmer.

Oh. Thanks John for this insight. I am definitely not a programmer and I would need to built the system from scratch. Thanks for your feedback.

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