Asterisk installed on Amtelco Genesis software

We upgraded to a new software system from Amtelco called Genesis. Amtelco manufactures and develops calll center hardware and software for 40 years in the US. The recent software uses Astrisk within their system but it does not allow full functions of any IP phones put in the system.
I need someone to help me or Amtelco to get a solution so we can have a full function PBX.
I am not sure of what version they are using.

If you bought a solution that utilizes Asterisk, and is built to operate in a very specific manner, from Amtelco, you’re probably going to want to speak to them.

I don’t find it easy to imagine a scenario under which Amtelco sells you a very tightly integrated solution and then opens the hood and says “do what you will, we’ll still support it.”

Just because Asterisk has extensive capabilities, doesn’t mean that someone’s specific implementation of it is wide-open to the point of allowing someone to go use any of those capabilities while still maintaining the functionality of that specific implementation.

If you need Amtelco’s Genesis and you need a PBX, you might inquire with Amtelco about a PBX, or you might just run an adjunct PBX beside the Amtelco.

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