Asterisk Install on Ubuntu BROKEN

The “configure” script for Asterisk fails to find Ubuntu’s installed ncurses5 libraries and so it dies. This makes the O’Reilly book useless. Does anyone have corrections for Asterisk’s installation suite for Ubuntu? How did the Ubuntu developers create packages if they were bound to fail the same way?

Perhaps it is a matter of describing the needed flags to accommodate Ubuntu’s default file layout?

ANY ASSISTANCE would be appreciated by anyone wishing to install Asterisk on Ubuntu, thanks in advance.

Hack the “configure” scripts (chop out the tests for termcap/[n]curses/tinfo) and Makefiles to eliminate reference to “-L /lib -lncurses” because these flags fail. In main/Makefile, render the label EDITLINE_LIB null (to clear -lncurses from it) - and whereever that library is needed, simply cheat by replacing the reference with the explicit full pathname: /lib/

Something is broken about Ubuntu though (or possbily with ordering done in the configs/makes) because a canonical reference like “-L /lib -lncurses” should not fail - routinely “ld” could not find -lncurses although it is there:

ldconfig -p | grep urse (libc6) => /lib/ (libc6) => /lib/

ls /lib/libnc*

/lib/ /lib/ /lib/ /lib/

The final compilation line reads:

@ gcc -o asterisk -Wl,–export-dynamic abstract_jb.o acl.o aescrypt.o aeskey.o aestab.o alaw.o app.o ast_expr2.o ast_expr2f.o asterisk.o astmm.o astobj2.o autoservice.o callerid.o cdr.o channel.o chanvars.o cli.o config.o cryptostub.o db.o devicestate.o dial.o dns.o dnsmgr.o dsp.o enum.o file.o fixedjitterbuf.o frame.o fskmodem.o http.o image.o indications.o io.o jitterbuf.o loader.o logger.o manager.o md5.o netsock.o pbx.o plc.o privacy.o rtp.o say.o sched.o sha1.o slinfactory.o srv.o stdtime/localtime.o strcompat.o tdd.o term.o threadstorage.o translate.o udptl.o ulaw.o utils.o editline/libedit.a db1-ast/libdb1.a buildinfo.o -ldl -lpthread -lm -lresolv /lib/

Note, following -lpthread used to be “-L /lib -lncurses” and THAT FAILS!! (ld: cannot find -lncurses.) ARGH ARGH ARGH!!! Not supposed to happen!

It is manually replaced with the explicit pathname shown at end of the above line.



install libncurses5-dev

run ldconfig

if you want me to do it for you (the install) let me know