Asterisk inbound queue

Hi Guys,

I have an inbound setup where 5 inbound queues are, every queue keeps few agents what I want whenever any call come want to route call in a queue where maximum idle agents are?

Why are they different queues if that is the only reason for having multiple queues???

It is not a normal scenario. If it can be done, you would have to read functions giving details of each queue’s usage.

different queue are there because every queue receive calls of different business but if all the agents are busy in one queue then we want to move that call into any queue where maximum agents are idle.

I think we don’t have anything in asterisk to get maximum idle agent count from any queue amongs multiple queue.

If i create any php/python script then can think about this may be.

Penalties are Asterisk’s solution to that problem. Agents are added to queues with long wait times.

ok will read about this.

Check for agents that are ‘ready’