Asterisk in SIP Proxy mode only, PBX Turned off. possible?

Hi everybody

I am new to asterisk and have a few questions :

  1. Is it possible to turn off PBX mode in asterisk and use SIP functions only (Sip Proxy, Registrar, …) ?
  2. I found an interesting project on the web but couldn’t find any real information about it. Does that softswitch really exist ?

My aim would be to have asterisk act only as a sip proxy such as OpenSER, SER, …
the only reason for me to try to turn asterisk in a sip proxy when there are already a lot available is that it’s quite easy to find soft applications for asterisk but harder to find soft applications for SER and OpenSER

Any help appreciated
thanks for your time

i don’t know that you can disable the PBX functionality, but utilizing the reinvite and canreinvite options can force asterisk to remove itself from the media path… thus making it act like OpenSIPs/OpenSER, etc.

You do need to be careful as there are various commands you can execute which will disable the re-invite options. For example, some of the arguments to the Dial() application will force asterisk to stay in the middle.