Asterisk Implemention Help


Dear Team,

I am new in Asterisk technology and I am planning to implement Asterisk VolIP for our organisation.

My Current Hardware/Tell lines are below

  1. Reliance Tel PRI Hunting Lines at Corporate Office
  2. Reliance CordLess Phones at Branches and RHOs
  3. Reliance Mobile Phones

So any one help me how do I start implementation and what are things are requirement to Implementation for Asterisk VolIP



This is not a sufficient details for setup the VoIP setup through asterisk. Do you wants to connect your branches over VoIP or same PSTN line your branches used for calling to each other.

As per you details you have a server and having the PRI Card (Asterisk supported) where you can terminate you PRI line and setup the SIP extensions for you office. Once you branch people call on your PRI line that call will be ringing on your SIP extensions according to asterisk configuration.




Hi Ketan,
I am planning to implement the Asterisk server with Existing PRI lines.(ryt now i am not having any Asterisk supported PRI card)

what is the prerequisite and how do I start??



You have to purchase the Asterisk Card based on number of PRI lines you wants to use and a server as well.