Asterisk implementation in Pure IP Lab environment

We are trying to install asterisk in a Fedora machine in a lab setup. We want to install install open source contact center like obelisk over this.We do not have any hard phones. We have installed asterisk and we are trying to use KIAX for a softphone and we want to use 2 softphones to make a basic call where one softphone lies on the same machine as asterisk is running and the other is on another machine.

  1. We can see *CLI> in the prompt. Does this mean asterisk is successfully installed and running and no more changes need to be done in asterisk?
    2.Should i make any configuration changes in the .conf.sample files to add kiax phones?
  2. Should the *.conf.sample files be renamed as *.conf?
  3. Is there any other soft phone that is easier to install and use than kiax.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you should download and read “Asterisk The Future of Telephony” first and then come to this forum. It’s a great book that I recomend a lot.