Asterisk how to dynamic allocate sip account to ip phone

Hi All,

I am new in Asterisk field. I am facing a situation. I have 10 sip accounts and 20 clients (softphones), so how to dynamic allocate those sip account to those clients? Is there any best practices in the case?


Use 20 SIP accounts! There are no hard limits in Asterisk.

If you mean that you are trying to share 10 ITSP accounts amongst 20 phone accounts, you have the wrong sort of ITSP account. You should have a single PBX friendly account that supports multiple simultaneous calls.

If you mean you have one ITSP account with 10 DID numbers, it is up to you to decide how to map those numbers to phones, and Asterisk will allow so many different ways that it is not possible to give more advice without a lot more detail about your environment and requirements.