Asterisk hosting an S-Bus?

Hi everyone,

I’ve built an Asterisk server (1.4.22) on a Debian Etch 4.0 base system (Kernel 2.6.18). I have so far installed AsteriskGUI and the Zaptel, libPRI and mISDN drivers.

The hardware is a dual processor, dual core Xeon 2ghz (per core) server with one Digium Wildcard B410P (4 FXS - 4 FXO) and one Beronet BN2S0 ISDN card (1 TE - 1 NT).

The all is working well, however I am unsure of how to configure the BN2S0 card port 2 (NT) to provide an S-Bus that additional ISDN phones can connect to as extensions. The phone is powering up OK and Asterisk is dectecting when the phone is taken off hook however I receive an error about Asterisk not knowing how to handle the call.

As of yet, I have not configured any additional users in users.conf for the ISDN phone as Im not quite sure how to configure them to use that channel, Im sure some more digging around should provide this.

Has anyone ever tried such a configuration here that might be able to give me a few pointers? Any and all help is much appreciated.