Asterisk@home Realtime?

I was wondering if Asterisk@home also supported realtime? I couldn’t find it on the Asterisk@home website. Does anybody know?

look at
RealTime was implemented in the Asterisk 1.0 release.

[quote=“bmamine”]look at
RealTime was implemented in the Asterisk 1.0 release.[/quote]

I looked at … k+RealTime and read this:

[quote]NOTE: RealTime is a feature that was implemented after the cutoff for new features in the Asterisk 1.0 release. Therefore, it requires that you be running CVS-HEAD (or a release after the 1.0.x. series whent it becomes available). If you attempt the following with Asterisk 1.0.x or earlier (sometims known as STABLE), it will not work.

It looks to me only the beta version of asterisk 1.2 supports this realtime version or am I completely off now?

Thnx in advance![/url]

RealTime will become GA in Asterisk v1.2 as best I know. As for Asterisk@Home it currently does not support Realtime but instead manipulates the text configuration files.

Would need to query the Asterisk@Home project team to see what their plans are as of course Realtime support would be much better than the text file approach for a web GUI IMHO.