Asterisk@home multiple out trunks used by one Out Routing

Hi, friends.

Sorry if this is stupid question but I run search on multiple places but seems not find answer.

I am using asterisk@home and have two outbound trunk, sunrocket and vbuzzer. when I setup outbound routing, I set trunk sequence as suncket first and vbuzzer second. suppose if someone is using sunrock channel, asterisk will direct other calls to vbuzzer

But things right now is asterisk direct all calls to sunrocket channel which is first channel in trunk list. and sometimes drop of the first call and put second call in. the other channel (vbuzzer) which is on second place will never get any traffic — although fir the first channel are busy and drops lots of call.

Did I do something wrong ? what is one back of askterisk to distribute calls between trunks ?

Thanks much.

you’ll get more aah/trixbox help on their forum. But … did you set the number of channels avaiable on the trunk config. If sunrocket only allows 1 channel, set it to 1 and the next call will got out the second trunk.


Thanks for reply,

I did set available channel to 1. but still every calls was dispatched to first trunk, no matter it is used by antoher call or not. end up with drop off existing call.

what version of aah - there was a bug at one point where the channel limit was’t working. easiest fix, upgrade amp to the lastest freepbx. The upgrade is fairly painless if you follow the directions. It will migrate all your settings.


I am using Asterisk@Home 2.7. is that bug you mentioned ( channel limit) in 2.7 as well ?

I will take upgrade server as last option since I have whole group/project in this server :smile:


I am pretty sure the bug is on 2.7. You can upgrade freepbx in place and it will migrate all your settings. However, I understand if it’s a production system that you want to be careful.

It has been a while since I looked at it. Basically, it was using a depricated function to check if it was a max channels so it wasn’t working right. If I hopped on the system and looked at the extensions.conf file, I would be able to see where the issue is and fix it. pm me offline if you are interested.