Asterisk High Availability version 11

My company just recently purchased a Asterisk system. We have set it up with high availability, it was done by a 3rd party integrator. There are stability issues for our SIP clients.

My question is that upon checking, I found out the version installed was version 11 and not the latest version 15. When confronted, the integrator informed us that version 11 is the most tested and stable version for high availability.

Can someone in this community advise if what they said is true? I can’t believe it is so.

Version 11 just reach the end of life, but IMO still a strong version for core features. Asterisk 15 is brand new I would prefer use v13 over 15 for a production system.

Depending on how the HA was built or defined I will look more into the OS than Asterisk but the vendor has a point most of the testing of HA was made on v11 for the obvious reason that 15 is a new version.


Well he is doing the high availability using a third party software maybe his software works better with this version of Asterisk, but Asterisk 11 reached its End of Life, so you will be using an Asterisk version who wont receive any update , security fix and this is not good for production system at least if you dont require any extra feature avaiable on new Asterisk version, or your system it is no exposed to the Internet

Keen, you can answer that question yourself: