Asterisk GUI

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking about an Asterisk GUI which could use “agents.conf”, because actually, I’m using FreePBX and it doesn’t use “agents.conf”.
So that’s why I want to know if an other GUI like Trixbox or everything else could use “agents.conf”?

Thank you very much for yours answers!

Trixbox is abandonware. Asterisk GUI is no longer supported. FreePBX is the only GUI for Asterisk that still exists and is supported.

So neither Elastix uses “agents.conf” and it’s not supported?
Because I want to avoid writing directly in this file.

Unless, is it possible to use agents.conf with FreePBX?
If this is the case, I want to know how please?

I think Elastix may use FreePBX.

Peer support requests for FreePBX should be addressed to

Thank you for your answer, I have already asked the FreePBX community and it told me FreePBX cannot use the file “agents.conf” for my queues.

Maybe Elastix can.