Asterisk GUI Add New User Concern


i have craeted two users and establish communication among them… ALL OK. if i try to make third user then it dont get register and try to create forth , it get works. not only this, here is scenario

user 1 : 6000
user 2 : 6001
user 3 : 6002

communication between user 2 and 3 is OK. but when user 1 try to call user 3, it does’t work vice versa.

when i try to test from Asterisk server by using this command . dial 6002 , it says full of congestion… however that system is p4 with firewall off and operating sytem is xp.

can any one tell me what could be the possible reason ? or if i am missing some configuration ?


never had this problem the CLI and enable sip debug for this peer and dial the number again