Asterisk for Windows or Linux

I need help deciding on whether to go Asterisk for windows or for Linux? I am comfortable with both operating systems.
Is Digium committed to keep the windows release up to date and inline with that on linux ?
Would someone give pros and cons

it’s a Linux application. Getting it to run on Windows is just trying to force fit it. I’m sure if you took a pole you would find 99% of users are running it on Linux (or more), assuming you count Linux on VMWARE as Linux even if hosted on Windows. If you want the best an dmost stable platform, I don’t really see this as being a choice. (And this isn’t coming from an anti-Windows perspective, I run plenty of Windows as well as Server 2003 platforms).


Also, Digium don’t release an official Windows version – I believe that’s built by someone else.

thanks for that,
i thought it was developed by digium

[quote=“samhozee”]thanks for that,
i thought it was developed by digium [/quote]

No, that’s not Digium at all.