Asterisk for the Linux sysadmin

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I’d like to know this before actually downloading compiling and installing Asterisk… I guess anybody which has it already installed can answer my questions, it’s just I couldn’t find any documentation covering them. Just a note: VoIP is not my task, just the system maintenance so I don’t really want to dig into circuit switching and such, please bear with me. So…

  1. How big is the expected installation in terms of disk usage? Expanded sources included.

  2. does it create and use its own users and passwords and if yes in which files are they stored? I’m not talking about circuit passwords, but enduser logons.

  3. does it create new linux users in /etc/passwd, and if yes what kind of rights do they have? To which group(s) will they belong? Are they service users or real users for like dialin?

More maybe later… :smile:
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ad 1.) Diskusage is very low. 100MB schould suffice - extept logfiles and DCR, of course.

ad 2.) SIP accounts (username/password) are created in sip.conf, usually located in /etc/asterisk. It’s also possible to use a database backend (PostgreSQL, mySQL, …) for that task.

ad 3.) You may run asterisk as root or with it’s own user account (like ftp, dhcp, bind, …). So it’s not neccessary to create any users in /etc/passwd.


Thanks a lot for the quick answer.
It looks like I’ll have to get on my Perl army knife :smile: (no DB storage expected)